Not Much

by Fake Bodies

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drums tracks 1,3, 6, and 7: Jesse Harman
drums track 2: Kevin Taylor
drums tracks 4, 5, 7: Theo Yorke
drums track 9: Nate Reagan
wah track 6: John DeGarmo
vocals/guitars: Rihaana Stark
bass/vocals: Evan Helverson


released February 9, 2018

Written by Rihaana Stark. Mixed by Evan Helverson. Produced by Fake Bodies. Mastered by Hernan Santiago. Recorded by John DeGarmo at Plastic Nancy Studios. Track "I Wanna Be in Your Pocket" recorded, mixed, and mastered by John DeGarmo and Sam Schneider at Plastic Nancy Studios. Artwork by Carlos Melendez. Coloring by Jade Jones. Logo by Kyle Williams.


all rights reserved



Fake Bodies Woodbridge, Virginia

non-perpendicular geometric rock band from NOVA

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Track Name: Nonexistent
I wanna be nonexistent
I wanna live a life with no commitment
I just wanna know, how far can I go?
She told me I'd go far
But I don't have enough gas in the car
I don't think I can go, as fast as you want me to

Please kill me now
Oh I won't make a sound
No I won't let you down
I just wanna be done

Please kill me now
I found what this life's about
And I want out
Cause it's no longer fun

I wanna be nonexistent
I wanna live a life with no commitment
But it don't matter how I feel
Cause the world out there is very real
And I'm not feeling as I should
But life's still going so life is good
So trust me when I say
That I'm doing okay

I don't wanna be anymore
I found this life to be a bore
I don't wanna be anymore
I found this life to be a chore
Track Name: Happy Thoughts
Drain the fluids and soak up the sun
You're always busy and on the run
Wipe your eyes and wipe up the blood
I know a place where we can have some fun
Take a trip down memory lane
See another familiar face
Is this where you want it to go?
It's unfair cause no one knows

Tell me where is your mind going this evening?
Where's it taking you to?
Where is your mind going? Is it leaving?
Take these happy thoughts with you/Is it leaving without you?
And take me too/You see...

Drain the fluids and soak up the sun
Life is hard, yeah, but we're not done
Over the years I've watched you grow strong
It's time to step back and face it head on
So forget the world and don't you mind the odds
Let's rebel without a cause
Don't you wanna throw caution to the wind?
It's unfair cause I don't know what you're thinking

Happy thoughts are crowding me
You forgot how it's supposed to be
Happy thoughts are crowding you
Don't head off because I'm coming too
Track Name: Everything You Love
I don't hate you. I just hate everything you love.

Do you feel emotion or do you only feel sensation?
Do you live in the moment or give in to temptation?

High school is over
Why do you still talk to me?
I don't know the answers
So how you gonna cheat?
You don't make me nervous
But I can't breathe
I don't think that you know

Everything you love it means nothing to me
I tried to give a fuck, granted
Came up empty-handed
Everything you say it sounds all the same
I tried to figure out but you only blame
It means nothing to me

Can you relate to the pollution in our lungs?
Do you feel the hate? The solution is love.
Track Name: Stay Good, Play Cool
I've been looking for something newer
Something new to fuck up
Looking for a new stimulation
Other than these white walls
But there is a complication
My reactions feel false

At least I have what it takes to say sorry
Apologize for my fake body
Cause my skin ain't what it used to be
I get cut, but I never bleed
So if I don't bruise

I gotta stay good and play it cool

Don't you know it's true
I stay up all night?
Wishing it wasn't
In the back of your conscience
I find a light
Shining on you, shining on them
I see everything
But there's not much in my head
Track Name: Trump Supporters (Bad Bacteria)
Insults go over your head
You're so damn stupid
Humility you can't understand
There's nothing to it
Maybe you're just a drunk
Or fucked up
I thought evolution cleaned up

The bad bacteria

You walk around like you're number one
Everything is competition
No one is baiting you
And who invited you?
Maybe you're just lost
A lost cause
I'm just trying to clean up
Track Name: Waste Away
Do you see the lightning behind the clouds?
Do you feel the moon shining down?
It makes me feel something, I don't know how
It feels like love

The heat of your body feels like home
The spotlight caught me. And did you know?
I love the sound of your name even mispronounced
I cannot think the same after you called me out
You called my bluff

I don't wanna go back out
And face the crowd
Waste away, day by day
If we're meant to be like the say
Before our time dies can we give it a try

Pick me up, never take me home
Driving fast, but talking nice and slow
About that shit we don't even know
How close
Track Name: Shipwrecks
I have anxiety and blood on my hands
My mom will kill me and I'll wipe it on my pants
My body's cold, but my heart won't show it
The frog in my throat and the butterflies in my stomach
They feel like shipwrecks

I can't remember anything that you said
But I know you killed all of my imaginary friends
I feel like the skyscraper only five and a half feet tall
Asides from you, I feel nothing at all
But I still feel depressed

I know you killed all of my imaginary friends

That's why I feel like shipwrecks
Despite all this, there's still not much in my head
Track Name: Your Mother and I Are Getting a Divorce
All the rooms that we've been through
All the trails that we've crossed through
All the streets that we know
Your car was my home
But like everything else it crashed
Doesn't it hurt to look back
To the times we felt alone?
Now your arms are my home

Don't you wanna get away with this teenage rebellion?
I know it's unnecessary, but it's still worth saving.
I asked my dad if it could get any worse
He said, "Your mother and I are getting a divorce."

So I ran screaming

Hanging out in every basement
Not missing out on time's wasted
We had fun, it's all we had
Always on the run, never looking back
On how we felt earlier that day
Cause through the night the pain all goes away
But now it's all we know so
Don't you tear down my home

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